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Hello, I'm Flora Macoo. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my free Social Network for all those who share my love of Scotland.


I hope you'll find plenty to interest you here. A lot of our content is open to non-members so please have a good look around. However, only our members can add things and download items as this ensures that the site will be kept spam-free.

My weary old hooves have pounded hundreds of miles to bring you the very best scenery that Scotland has to offer. It doesn't always go to plan though! Make sure your speakers are on, click on the play button below and you'll see what I mean...

I can promise you the finest collection of Scottish scenic clips you'll find anywhere on the Web - you can almost taste the whisky and smell the heather! All clips can be shared with family and friends as beautiful audio-visual eCards. (At the moment all our videos are in Flash format but we're gradually adding support for iPhone users.)


While this is a labour of love and my life's mission, I can't do it all myself. You can help spread the word by inviting your friends to join us. You can also help by sharing my pages on other social networking sites using the buttons below.

Many thanks!

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