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Magazines and Publications






The Scottish Banner - the world's largest international Scottish culture newspaper, uniting global Scots around the world.







Lothian Life is an environmentally friendly online magazine covering Edinburgh and the Lothians. With Features, Homes and Gardens, Out and About, Arts, Tastebuds and Health, there's always something new. Being online, it's free to read and you can sign up for daily updates or for the monthly e-magazine.










Scottish Societies




Glesga Folk is an online community that's free for all to join.  It's not just restricted to inhabitants or ex-pats of that great city - all are welcome.  All the more so if you can "parliamo Glesga yersel ya bampot!"





The Scottish American Society of Michigan likes to get together on a monthly basis to talk about all things Scottish and to hear the great Highland pipes and other entertainment! If you are Scottish, have some Scottish lineage, or just love all things Scottish, you're welcome to join.





US Scots




The Alabama Celtic Association





Alaskan Scottish Club





Australian Scottish Community Q'ld Inc.





Scottish Heritage Society of N.C.W. Virginia





Clans of Scotland USA





Scottish Society of Central California





Scots on Cape Cod





Scottish American Society





Scottish Society of Southwest Michigan





The Scottish Society of Dallas





Colorado Scots





The Renaissance Scots





United Scottish Clans of Oklahoma Inc.





The Nevada Society of Scottish Clans





The Scottish Society of San Antonio





Dover and East Kent Scottish Society





Utah Scottish Association




The Scots' Charitable Society of Boston is the oldest charitable organization still existing in the United States.  Founded in 1657 and incorporated in 1786, the organization exists to help people of Scottish heritage. The society is devoted to the cultivation of personal and social relations of the members, cherishing the associations of the land from which they originated, and inciting among their fellow countrymen a zeal for the welfare of their time-honored traditions.





Scottish American Society of Central Florida





The Bergen Scottish Society





42nd Black Watch Highland Society





Kent Association of Scottish Societies





The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society





Scottish American Center





The Capital Scot










Caledonian Societies







Beijing Caledonian Society





Bournemouth Caledonian Society





Caledonian Club of San Francisco





Caledonian Society of Arizona




The Caledonian Society of Alabama is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated the preservation and promotion of Scottish Culture and Heritage in the state of Alabama and  throughout the Southeast. In an effort to educate the public about Alabama's proud Scottish Heritage, the Caledonian Society of Alabama hosts quarterly festivities and actively promotes the Scottish arts, such as bagpiping and drumming, Scottish country dancing, Highland dancing, Celtic Harp and other Scottish music. Membership is open to all. To join, please visit our website.





Caledonian Society of Baton Rouge





Canterbury Caledonian Society of New Zealand





Flemish Caledonian Society





Lagos Caledonian Society





New York Caledonian Club





Port Adelaide Caledonian Society Inc.





Royal Caledonian Society of South Australia





Scotland In Argentina promotes Scottish Traditions and culture in Spanish and English. Also provides free advice to travellers and students, and teaches Scottish Country dances and Highland dances.





Surbiton & District Caledonian Society





The Caledonian Society of Cincinnati





The Caledonian Society of Cyprus





The Caledonian Society of Norway





Wolverhampton & District Caledonian Society










St Andrew Societies







St Andrews Society of the State of New York





Saint Andrews Society of Washington D.C.





The Saint Andrew Society of Western Australia





The St Andrews Society of Winnipeg





St Andrews Society of Atlanta





St Andrew Society of Calgary





The St Andrews Society of Detroit





Saint Andrew Society of San Diego





Saint Andrews Society of Tidewater, Virginia





The Bangkok St Andrews Society





Saint Andrews Society of the Inland Northwest





Saint Andrews Society of Maine





St Andrews Society of Toronto





St Andrews Society of Montreal





The Hong Kong St Andrews Society





Java St Andrew Society




The Saint Andrew Society of Rio de Janeiro represents the Scottish community in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  It is affiliated to Societies in Sao Paulo, Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Santiago.





The St Andrew Society of the State of Sao Paulo





The St Andrew Society of Denmark





St Andrew Society of Paphos





St Andrews Society of the Netherlands





Illinois St Andrews Society





The St Andrews Society of Conneticut





The Saint Andrew Society










Burns Clubs







Alamo Burns Club - Our mission is to promote Scotland's Bard who is loved for his political views, revolutionary behaviour, his love for the lassies and of course his world famous songs, poems and letters.

The Alamo Burns Club was instituted in 1973, and joined the Burns Federation in 1976 (No. 944).





Alexandria Burns Club





Ayr Burns Club





Bridgeton Burns Club was founded in Bridgeton, Glasgow in 1870 and is No 49 on the role of the Burns Federation.  It is a registered Charity.

The club has a membership in excess of 1200 and organises a Schools Competition each year for schoolchildren from the East End of Glasgow.





Burns Howff Club, Dumfries





Canberra Highland Society Burns Club





Cumbernauld Burns Club





Dalry Burns Club




Irvine Burns Club - the image on the left is part of an audio-visual display in their premises.

Their Museum also contains the original of the 'Burns in Edinburgh in 1787' painting by C M Hardie, an image of which is used in our Forum.




Paisley Burns Club





Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee





Robert Burns Society of the Midlands





Robert Burns World Federation Ltd





Winnipeg Robert Burns Club










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