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I am an enthusiast with a passion for all things Scottish.  While out and about with my camera one day, it dawned on me that although a picture of Scotland is great, an audio-visual clip is magical and hence I created a unique way for people to send a wee piece of Scotland to their family and friends anywhere in the world.  


I then thought it would be a good idea to form an online interactive community to bring together all my kindred spirits.  You of course will be the best judge as to whether or not my efforts have been worthwhile!


 All fan mail can be directed to






Now you're most likely wondering how an auld coo like me could have built this huge website in its entirety.  Well, the truth is that these weary cloven hooves of mine can't dance over the keyboard the way they used to and so I've had to employ the services of a couple of minions to help me out a bit.  They are:




Debi who is responsible for sales, marketing, advertising and generally anything that requires human contact.  She can be reached at




Dave who deals with the techie stuff and non-human interfaces.  You can email him with complaints about system performance and such matters at




Join the Scots is owned by ScotVision Ltd

Registered address: 25 Mucklets Court, Musselburgh, Midlothian EH21 6SP, Scotland

Company Reg. No. SC322736  VAT Reg. No. 921 2864 34

Reproduction without permission prohibited.